Wedding Films

We are passionate about film making and want to make a Wedding film you will be proud to show your loved ones and friends. There is no set formula and every film is as unique as the couple we are filming but we do plan our shoot in advance and that's why we are delighted to meet and see what ideas you might have to make a story thats special to you and that captures all the emotion and moments that make up your big day.

A Wedding video captures all the moments you miss, all the tears, smiles and laughter that goes on. It's not just a memory of the most important day of your life, but also of the dearest and most precious people in your life.  Alan has years of experience working as a Videographer and knows not everyone is comfortable being on camera, during the day he is as discreet and unobtrusive as possible and doesn't interrupt the flow of the day. Some couples even say they don't remember him being there.

You can choose from Documentary style video which is a fly on the wall view of your day as it happens or a Cinematic style which would involve staging scenes still keeping it natural and real and usually done along side your photographer's photo session. 

Beautiful & Creative Wedding Films

An un-imposing approach, capturing real moments and precious memories.

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Telephone: 085-839-8887

Castleknock, Dublin 15, Ireland

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